We do the work for you:
Sell your unwanted items, hassle free, and get cash back!

Nationwide Pick-up:
We provide complimentary UPS pick up to all our consigners. Live local? We will send a consultant to pick up your items from your home for FREE in the Monterey, San Francisco and Los Angeles area.

Closet Consultation:
Need advice on what to keep and what to sell? If you live in the Monterey, San Francisco or Los Angeles areas one of our experts will come to you for FREE! Get the closet that reflects the personal style you deserve.

1. Fill out the form below and we will contact you within 48 hours to personally discuss your consignment project with you. Remember…Pickup is FREE!

2. Box up the items that we have agreed to sell
3. UPS will pick up your shipment. Don’t forget: shipping is FREE!
4. Let us do the work… you simply reap the benefits of our customers.
It is important to note that at this time we only accept consignment items from clients within the United States.

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