Stylish Living is about a woman’s sense of who she is and her perspective on life — the journey — what makes her feel complete. It’s a bold (or slightly less bold) expression of everything that makes her feel happy and full.

At Simply Stylish we believe in the importance of shared stories and perspectives… in how the smallest experience or new idea can broaden our own sense of who we are and bring with it the thrill of discovering something new. So often, we are overloaded with information, conflicting “truths” about what it means to “live your best life”. We work hard, we play hard and through it all we struggle to find a balance — a space where we can be in touch with the things that matter most to us. It is about the importance of owning and loving all we are and reveling in the art of expressing ourselves in and through our individual lifestyles. Most of all, we want to inspire you to think in new ways, see through fresh eyes, embrace unfamiliar experiences, meet undiscovered talents, uncover new “things” that might bring you joy—and to share our evolution with you as we navigate the delicate balance of mind, body and soul.

We learned a long time ago that Style goes way beyond how someone dresses. It is about a joie de vivre that comes with jumping into the waters of life with both feet—every day. This website is an expression of our passion—exploring & discovering what is new (or new to us) is our joy! And there is one thing we know for sure — perfection is not required!

Learn a bit more about our leadership by taking a look in our bags.


Mary Ann

Some girls are shoe girls—I am a handbag girl.  I wouldn’t go so far as to say that I am a Bag Snob but…name a designer and you are sure to find a representative handbag in my closet.  However, lately I have been most serious about discovering the new, unsung heroes of handbag design.

1. This bag is a particular favorite.  Designed by Cathy Christiansen, it is a veritable work of art…roomy, luxurious, amazing construction AND leopard print—a must have in my wardrobe!

2. Lately, I am obsessed with my posture.  Solution: little tiny clutch inside of big, giant bag so I can grab it and go without having to carry the 10 lbs. of everything that I think I need on my shoulder all day long. Ta-Da!

3. Little tiny credit card wallet, money in a clip, breath spray, phone, business cards, pens, little flashlight, lipstick… Yes, they all fit in my little tiny Bottega Veneta pouch.  I have many, many, many similar pouches.

4. Big Puff Ball Key Chain.  My friend who owns the fabulous boutique Girl Boy Girl gave me this fuzzy marvel because she was tired of waiting for me while I am always looking for my keys.  It worked… keys are never lost now!

5. When I was a little girl (seriously, I mean like since I was 5), my mother would constantly tell me “Don’t leave the house without putting on a little lipstick”.  Actually, she also said “Put on a little lipstick when you first wake up…we do this for our men.”  I grew up in Texas, ha!  So, to this day, no matter where I go, I do not feel complete without having at least three different lipsticks in my bag (pictured here: Bobbi Brown, Cle de Peau, Yves St. Laurent).  The Chapstick is a nod to my living in California now—I’ve been here for over 15 years—it’s taking me awhile.

6. I have recently quit drinking anything with “bad for you” sweeteners (almost), but I carry these Sweet Leaf Vanilla Stevia drops everywhere I go.  They are the only ones that I like… it’s become kind of an obsession.

7. Because I am always hungry I keep a Quest Bar on hand.  Heart shaped snacks are for our girl Roxie, because she is always hungry and will only eat feminine looking food.

8. San Pellegrino water—it’s the only way that I can make myself drink water.  I’m hoping that it is good for me.

What’s missing?  My Passport… I try to carry it everywhere to manifest the reality that, at any moment, I might decide to fly off to Paris!


I play many roles in my daily life. I am a mother to a wonderful little boy; a companion and provider to my family and friends; and, last but certainly not least, an important part of the Simply Stylish team.  My bag may always be over flowing but I wouldn’t have it any other way!

1. Donna Karen Hobo Tote; Louis Vuitton Wallet; Clare Viver Calf Hair Clutch; Coach key chain: Fashion is a huge part of Simply Stylish and although I’ve always loved designer accessories and appreciate fashion in its own right; I’ve never really been one to go out and purchase them. Seeing this Mary Ann, my fabulous and stylish boss and friend, has been generous and gifted me all of these fabulous goodies over the years! I adore them and treasure them and truly appreciate what fashion means to her!

2. Givenchy & YSL Lipsticks: I have an entire drawer full of lipsticks but these two are my all time favorites and I don’t go anywhere with out them.

3. Crayons to keep my son busy no matter where we go.

4. Hand sanitizer to fight the many germs his grabby little hands touch.

5. Cuddle Bear of Love: my son sends me off each and every day with his Bear; he hugs it each morning and instructs me to hug it anytime I am sad or missing him. Sweet, right?

6. My iPhone is a must so I can quickly snap all the adorable pictures (I am a little biased after all) of my son.

7. Jade Love Charms: I carry a little token of love with me daily to represent the love between my boyfriend and I. So anytime we miss one another we are able to look at our charms and remember the love we share.

8. Snack Bar, just in case my son or I need a little bite.

9. doTERRA Balance essential oil; Peppermint Beadlets; Citrus Bliss hand Lotion: My go-to daily refreshers and pick me ups while on the move.



1. My formula for the perfect closet and accessory collection is simple: it
must be utilitarian, modest and very “me.”  That being said, I find it hard to
ever wear a purse that isn’t a crossbody, which is why I never leave the
house without my made-in-Ireland, hand-engraved, brown leather purse. It
is small with just enough interior pockets to fit all of my tools ‘n’ treats.

2. A backup pair of earrings in my bag is always a must. As many of my
friends would tell you, I wouldn’t be caught dead without a pair of earrings
on-and let me tell you, I’m not a “posts” kind of girl. My forever growing
collection of long, jingling silver earrings can be found with me in part any
time and any day.

3. Throughout the day I find sanity in note taking. How can you recall all of
the wonderful synchronicities in life if you have no way to record them?

4. To ease any stress throughout the day I usually keep a homeopathic
remedy in my bag; be it essential oils, tinctures, or even my favorite up n’ at
‘em cure-all supplement. This week I carry an all Organic herb infused
Healing Salve by Wise Women Medicinals out of Moss Landing, CA.

5. Someone once told me that creating monetary flow in your life called for
consistent, regenerative upkeep of the vessel in which you hold your money.
For this reason, I like to buy wallets that are fun, colorful and speak to
me-nothing fancy, just sweet and to the point.

6. For the more intimate moments in life, I always carry my roll-on Amber
oil, made from 100% Amber that has been melted and mixed in part with a
Jojoba carrier oil. The deep woodsy smell of Amber can bring a fairy-like
sweetness to any occasion.


Beyond a mascot, Roxie is a canine-fashionista whose unique blend of style and glamour are an integral part of the Simply Stylish team. Here is a little glance into her world.

1. Most important is my collection of necklaces…. crystals, diamonds… yummy.  And of course, every once in awhile I need to be a little Rock-n-Roll—grrrrrr!

2. Anyone for a little Chewy Vuitton??  I know I need some…

3. My raincoat is a must!  I cannot stand it when my fur gets wet…

4. I must have a little snackie-poo every now and then…after all, being a fashion super star can work up an appetite.

5. My mom insists on leading me around the avenue with this long leather
thing… really!? It obviously takes away from my super style!

6. I like to lay all my favorite things out on my luxurious leopard blanket…
after all every girl should have a little leopard in her wardrobe!

7. The pink bone… don’t ask… it’s a comfort thing.

P.S. I do not carry a bag… it’s far too cumbersome! This is strictly a prop…I was very against it as it does not express the true fabulous me!

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Simply Stylish speaks to a woman’s sense of who she is and her perspective on life - the journey - and what makes her feel complete. It’s a bold (or slightly less bold) expression of everything that makes her feel happy and full.