Make This Valentines Day a Celebration of You

Valentine’s day is quickly approaching! As I’m writing this, it’s only three days away and as we all rush to find the perfect gift for our significant other I wanted to remind you to not forget about yourself! For some reason, the big marketers have yet to commercialize a day celebrating self love. They have done everything else, I mean bosses day? Come on. So, as I was sitting along in my apartment scrolling through Amazon and Nordstroms I was thinking to myself, “I Love myself and I also deserve something nice on the biggest holiday celebrating love! Although the big VDay is quickly approaching there’s still time to hit the mall, or online, and order yourself something special! I compiled a list of a few things I am thinking about choosing to show myself how much I mean to me. Also, if they ask if you’d like a free note attached to the gift, don’t forget to write yourself something nice! You deserve it!


Sign up for a fun monthly subscription box, prices vary. I am already subscribed to book of the month club which is amazing! You get to choose a book from the five selections and it’s delivered straight to your door. Other fun subscription boxes include: Birchbox which delivers beauty and grooming products to your door every month for $10 a box. If you’re not into beauty or books, there is also a wine of the month club which delivers you a new wine to try every month.

katespade_2Kate Spade New York Idiom Collection “Heart of Gold” Bangle Bracelet

Everyone loves a cute bangle and especially one by Kate Spade! This cute gold bangle also has a cute saying inscribed to remind yourself how lucky you are to have your heart, because my friend, you do have a heart of gold!

kiehls_3Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate

Every woman deserves to look their best and can do so with Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate. This elixir filled with pure essential oils and distilled botanicals is for anyone looking for a lightweight moisturizer to wear overnight and feel refreshed and restored in the morning. This elixir can also be mixed with your favorite hand cream during the colder months or added to your bathwater for a spa-like experience.

vika_4Vika 7 Piece Manicure Kit

After a long day at the office, you can’t wait to sit at home and enjoy some Netflix. But you look down on the way home during evening commute and notice you are in desperate need of a manicure. This manicure set by Vika is the ultimate luxury for anyone who wants a fresh manicure in the comfort of their home. The set includes strawberry scented cuticle oil, a 14K gold-plated pusher and nipper, cuticle grinder and grit file, as well as a shiner and finishing tonic to polish off your nails to a shiny luster and give your nails the the protein it needs to grow strong. The kit comes in a cute and fashionable zip pouch! Bonus!

dylanscandy_5Dylan’s Candy Bar Valentine’s Day Candy Tackle Box

It wouldn’t be VDAY without something sweet! Enjoy a tackle box filled with only the best from Dylan’s Candy Bar. The delicious set includes gummy hearts, sour sugar lips, and more! Nothing sweeter than a treat for yourself!

diana_6Diana F+ Love Letters Lomography

No better way to remember this special night than with the cutest Diana Camera yet. Taking it old school, this film camera, is the ultimate gift for any person who loves taking photos (and selfies). With this special edition Love Letters camera you can take dreamy photos of yourself and those you love to cherish on a rainy day! Because really when your life is filled with love, isn’t everyday cupid’s birthday?

slip_7Out From Under Life of the Party Mesh Slip

This one may be for your special someone as well, but it’s cute even if you’re single and want to feel sexy for yourself! Because it’s important to feel sexy in your own skin! This mesh slip by Out from Under found at Urban Outfitters is perfect when you want to feel sexy and dance around to your favorite love songs or get intimate with your significant other. Either way, you’ll love how you feel in this slip!

katespade_8Kate Spade New York Bow Tie Short Pajama Set

This one is for all the ladies, like me, who  don’t love lingerie and feel sexy in a relaxed pair of PJs. These Kate Spade PJs are perfect for a night in with your favorite Rom Coms! After a nice hot bath with your favorite bubble bath slip these on and you’ll be feeling like a million bucks!

Treat yourself ladies!

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Love, light, and blessings,

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