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It’s true, we try a lot of beauty products around here. It’s a tough job, but somebody’s got to do it…for you. Actually, ‘bathroom time’ is everyone’s favorites around here. So, we happily dab, slather, mask and soak. We rave about some products and can’t believe some are even on the market. We have sisterly spats about who gets to try the newest product first. We share our reviews and even argue over the pros and cons of product after product. The bottom line is that we only write about products that work—the ones with which we see undeniable results. We are not given any free products from manufacturers here. We buy every product we try, so you can rest assured that there is no back door influencing going on here. We love these products. They are in our own bathrooms! So, take a scroll through our absolute favorite products, right now, today.

May Lindstrom – The Problem Solver Mask

This jet black mud mask it a spa treat from start to finish. It comes in its raw form that, when mixed with water, turns into a silky smooth, mouse-like formula that is easy to paint on your face and left to dry while you take a leisurely soak. It is completely organic and loaded with antioxidant-rich ingredients such as raw cacao powder, activated bamboo charcoal, soil nutrients, salts and organic spices. Trust us, you will immediately feel this mask go to work once brushed onto your face. It has a bit of heat and tingle that may bother those of you with more sensitive skin. However, Amanda has the sensitive skin of a baby and she absolutely loves this mask. While the website says it is designed for people with acne issues, we all love it. Our pores look tighter, any fine lines seem to vanish, and our skin has a silky glow that lasts for days. To top it off, the packaging is absolutely elegant. Lindstrom sells a beautiful mixing bowl and brush separately for this mask. We have to admit that the experience is just no quite the same without this little extra treat.

naked-thrivingNaked & Thriving – Rejuvenate Oil

Simply put, this organic, fair trade product is amazing. Formulated using 100% plant botanicals this oil is completely pure—no fillers, parabens, chemicals, animal testing—you get the picture. There are three oils in the line, but we are particularly partial to the Rejuvenate Oil. The lightweight, silky texture allows us to use this any time of day. It leaves our skin beyond soft and smooth, AND we have seen results since using it. Our fine lines are diminished, our skin is surprisingly soft, and our dry skin issued have disappeared. It is the perfect product for mid-day when we are feeling a little less than fresh. Formulated with argan oil, Vitamis A & E, Omega 5 from Pomegranate Seed and a multitude of other natural ingredients that both repair damage and nourish the skin, it is a winner.

p50Biologique – Recherche P50 Lotion

We’ve written about P50 Lotion, so we are not going to go on and on here, but we could! Suffice it to say this product is a true game changer! It has completely changed the skin for each and every one of us—regardless of age or skin issues that we want to address. This is a product that will always be on our bathroom shelves. Simply put, it is an absolute must-have product.

lip-glowDior – Lip Glow

It’s mainstream and we love it! The texture is so divine; the natural color is just so subtle. It is the luxury equivalent of the perfect chapstick—with color! Designed to bring out the natural color of your lips, this lipstick seems to nourish the lips every time we put it on. So moist and dewy that we can no longer imagine life without this product in our handbag.

french-girlFrench Girl Menth – Romarin Sea Soak

We accidentally stumbled upon this product when it arrived to us as a gift in a larger product order. Thank heavens it did! Since using this product it is the only bath salt that we want. I think that some of us are actually addicted to it. Loaded with peppermint, French lavender, and rosemary the scent is absolutely heady, and the hint of oil leaves your skin incredibly soft. It consists of four types of salts: Dead Sea salt, Epsom salts, French gray salt and Himalayan pink salt, leaving you both calm and energized when you step out of the bath. The only problem is that we can never find it! We have linked you to a site that often has it, although, it is sold out at the time of posting. Listen to us when we tell you—if you find this product buy it in multiples. You will not be sorry!

pink-clayHerbivore Botanicals – Pink Clay Exfoliating Mask

We are split into two camps when it comes to exfoliators. Some of us like a gentle exfoliator, and some of us, Um Me, like to feel the old fashioned grains go to work on the skin. For those of you in the more gentle camp, we all agree that you cannot beat Herbivore Botanicals’ Pink Clay Mask. Mixed with a touch of water and left to dry on the skin, this product gently exfoliates but leaves you with that satisfying, clean feeling that we all want. Organic and gentle, we promise this mask will leave your skin feeling plumped and fresh.

lancerLancer – The Method: Polish

Now, for those of you in the camp who like a little more aggressive exfoliating, I think this is the ultimate in a resurfacing exfoliator. A part of the famous Lancer Method, this polish uses pure minerals and Pumpkin and Pomegranate enzymes to resurface the skin. Let me be clear that this is a more aggressive polish, with a small grain texture. However, it is much gentler on the skin than the old fashioned grainy exfoliators. The Lancer Method calls for you to use this polish every day. I do, and my skin has never looked so good.

rahuaRahua – Omega 9 Hair Mask

Besides the fact that this hair mask is loaded with rich, natural ingredients like rahua-ungurahua, sunflower seed oil, Quinoa, and Lavender—and the fact that it is ethically sourced in the Amazon Raiforest—we like this hair mask because it works on every type of hair! Amanda has thick curly hair. I have fine, limp hair. Last time we used this mask together at one of our girl’s nights, we both ended up with soft, full, bouncy hair! It is like magic. I have personally given it to every member of my family—rave reviews all around. It’s a product that works and you can feel good about using it!

rahua-blRahua – Body Lotion

No, we have absolutely no affiliation with Rahua. We just love the products. It is rich and luxurious AND it is organic and derived from 100% plant ingredients. It’s antioxidant properties truly help to rejuvenate the skin. We searched for a long time for a body lotion that did more than just temporarily provide a little moisture. All of us have seen a change in the overall texture of our skin with regular use of this amazing product. The only problem is that we go through the bottle too fast!

elizabeth-ardenElizabeth Arden – Eight Hour Cream

Created in the 1930’s by Elizabeth Arden herself, this product has become a cult favorite. It is a beauty legend—and for a very good reason. It is rich, soothing, and so comforting. I put it on my lips every night. Seriously, I cannot even go to sleep without it. Amanda puts it on her nails and dry heels. Emilie raves about it as the ‘only beauty legend ever’. My grandmother spent 5 days every year at the Elizabeth Arden Spa, before it closed, where she would promptly have her hair slathered in Eight Hour Cream, wrapped in a turban, and repeated daily for the entire time. Let me point out that there was no washing during these 5 days. I’m not sure about this one, but I can say that to this day my grandmother has the most luxuriously, thick gorgeous hair—and she is in her 80’s! I’m not quite ready to try that one yet, but I will not be without my Eight Hour Cream.

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