My Thoughts on the Season

The Holiday Season is upon us and, while I am joyfully entering into the usual holiday fanfare with a happy heart, I also find myself reflecting deeper this year. The last year has brought a tremendous roller coaster of highs and lows in my life, in the lives of those around me, and in the greater world collective. As I contemplate decorating and gifting, my mind and heart are drawn stronger to the greater meaning of this season. Regardless of religion or ideology, this time of year is a ‘moment’. If I look beyond all of the frantic activity associated with the holidays, I see a moment in time, a precious opportunity to stop and value everything that I have in my life—the people I love, the opportunities to help those less fortunate than me, the good that has come of so many seeming ‘bads’ this past year. When I stop, I am so engulfed in the love that I feel in my heart that I am honestly left breathless.

Yes, I want to give gifts, share laughs, decorate my home and play. But I also want to step back from all of this and watch…feel…drink in the ‘moment’. I am less inclined to fight the crowds, worry about the perfect gift, rush and run than to be quiet. I feel like stepping back in the shadows and letting the season just be. This moment each year is beautiful enough without my material additions.

So to all of you I share solidarity and compassion. I offer my piece of courage to add to yours in these uneasy times. I expand my heart to encompass each and every one of you. And, while I may not be with you during these special days ahead, I send a warm heart to those of you who are lonely, and I send my smiles to those of you sharing love with family and friends. I silently send each of you peace, joy and universal love.

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Perfection Not Required,

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