In Defense of the Gift Card

Tell us the truth…who’s favorite Christmas present isn’t a small box with a fabulous Gift Card in it?! I love a Gift Card! So why is it that so many people refuse to give them as gifts? When I ask this questions, the most common answer I hear is “It’s too impersonal.” My answer is “Really????” Is it too impersonal to give me the freedom to get the gift that I really want instead of all this stuff that a) just sits around my house creating clutter because I feel too guilty to throw it away; b) ends up being re-gifted out somewhere to someone else so that it can sit around creating clutter in their house.

barneysSeriously, this is not a Bah-Humbug sentiment I am sharing here. It is just that I am not a kid anymore—I know what I like. I am already on a constant roller coaster of clearing the clutter that I have brought into my own home. It is the era of paring down, streamlining, being conscious of the overabundance of material possessions bought to instill comfort yet only ending up adding angst. I’m going to get tough here: Most people only buy gifts because they feel that they have to. It’s an ‘occasion’—how can they not. However, they don’t usually buy the gift that the recipient really wants, they buy the gift that they want. Let me say it again—I know what I want.

Let me help to ease your guilt about giving a gift card:

1.Gifts cards are small. They don’t take up a big footprint on our earth—and they are recyclable.

2.Unless the recipient is your wife/husband and, therefore, has been dropping not-to-subtle hints about a specific item, you don’t really have any idea what this person wants. You think you do, but I’m here to tell you that you do not. Just ask your sister about last year’s gift….Gift Cards are always exciting because they are the equivalent of cash! Even a $20 gift card to Starbucks gives the recipient days of mochas, lattes…or whatever they like to drink (see you don’t even know their favorite coffee drink).

movie-gift-card3.You probably do know something that your friend loves to do. The best gift I ever got was a box of gift cards to the movie theater—endless pleasure! Think of what she/he loves to do with their spare time and, voila, instant joyous gift!


4.You will be an inspiration to your friends, because you dared to realize that a Gift Card is..The..Perfect..Gift!

5.Still feeling guilty—then wrap the gift in a clever, personal way! I am of the mind that the delivery is an integral part of the gift! One year I was on a beyond tight budget, so I made a point to wrap all of my tiny gifts in a super special way for my—let me say this gently—quite materialistic family members. They are still talking about the delivery—even though they have long forgotten the gifts.

Here are some Gift Card ideas that are sure to please:

gasGas Card—because I dare you to tell me you would not love this gift!

Local Museum—because we all need to be supporting arts and culture in this country.

Art Supply Shop—because we all could use a nudge to explore our creative selves.

the-home-depotHome Depot–because this is my new personal Fave. Do they even know I’m becoming handy??

Local Bookstore—because you will also be supporting independent bookstore.

whole-foodsOrganic Grocery Store–because you are helping them improve their health!

Pet Store—because your pet loving friend loves her animal more than anything else!

Massage—because, well, I think this one is self-explanatory.



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