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True, I am always excited when the Fall Fashion sale notices start popping up in my email queue. However, this year has a special significance to me, as I have spent the last several months on a dedicated quest to clear the clutter out of my life, release my attachment to material things and go inside and expand my inner happiness. It has been a wonderful, albeit challenging, experience. I went after it with great zeal, attacking it as if I was training for a clear space marathon. Everything went away—donated or gifted. Problem is…I left myself with almost nothing. Yes, it has made getting dressed in the morning much easier, as there is really not much to choose from. My mornings that used to be filled with an indecisive, near comatose stand in front of a jammed packed little closet have now turned into a quick grab into a spare, well edited little wardrobe. BUT I have left myself without, what I consider to be, some key basics. So this year instead of going for that over the top item that I have been stalking but will never wear, I am focused on filling my closet with pieces that just might last me the proverbial lifetime—lots and lots of wear included.

Here are my personal picks:

Top Left: Protagonist, Top Middle: Pas de Calais, Top Right: Burberry, Bottom Left: Emanuel Ungaro, Bottom Middle: Joseph, Bottom Right: Altuzarra

It’s my style philosophy that the coat is everything. I can have on a Target t-shirt and my oldest pair of jeans, but if I throw on a chic, amazing coat then–bam—style statement. For that reason, I have to admit that my massive clean-out did not cut a power swathe through my coat closet. I will forever be adding amazing coats. However, I am now more focused on longevity and forever style. The grey Pas de Calais coat is a forever piece that is sure to up the ante on my wardrobe for years to come. The simple, deconstructed lines of this fabulous Protagonist coat is the perfect canvas for a stunning scarf or necklace. Yes, the Emamuel Ungaro kimono coat is my fantasy…leopard print always rules!

Top: Maison Thomas, Middle: Marni, Bottom: Derek Lam 10 Crosby, Right: Ottotredici

In my new pared down closet, accessories are more important than ever. For me, the handbag is second only to the coat as a power wardrobe staple. Some would argue that shoes hold this distinction, but not for me. A handbag stands out and is almost always the first thing to be noticed about an outfit. For that reason, this is no place to scrimp, and it is probably the most important place for variety and expression. Since I did leave the essentials on my handbag shelf (big tote, cross body bag and evening clutch), there is room for a little expression here. The Marni Jack Davidson tote is perfect. Its artsy look is just right—not over the top like so many bags now. I can never have enough clutches to pop in my day bag, and the Derek Lam 10 Crosby tote calls to that hippie chic look that I love so much.

Top: Newbark, Middle Left: Francesco Russo, Middle: Repetto, Middle Right: Saint Laurent, Bottom: Golden Goose

Shoes come in a close second to handbags for me. My partner now jokes with almost anyone who will listen that all I have left is a sneaker closet. Since I wear sneakers almost every day, wear heels twice a year, and love boots but forget to wear them—he is about right. These Repetto flats just might replace my beloved sneakers on occasion. They are definitely comfortable and look sharp. The Francesco Russo boots are eternally sleek and, check, leopard print heel. My concession to the heel is these fabulous St. Laurent booties. I’m drooling…not sure I can walk in them though.

Left: Protagonist, Top Middle: Ulla Johnson, Bottom Middle: March11, Right: Maison Margiela

I’m a jeans kind of girl, but I must admit that I am a sucker for a great dress. This year I jump back and forth between my love of a clean line and the boho chic of a print and a tassle. These picks cover the gamut. I think that this capsule of dresses would make the perfect closet. A little shoulder for evening, a deconstructed black dress for the perfect accessories canvas, a vacation pop with a tassle, and a touch of romance from Ulla Johnson’s amazing collection.

Top Left: Altuzarra, Top Right: Esteban Cortazar, Bottom left: Madeleine Thompson, Bottom Middle: Joseph, Bottom Right: Adam Lippes

My closet clearing left me craving a good, chunky turtleneck sweater. That explains why my picks are full of them. While I lean toward the safety of a quality, solid colored knit, I have to admit that I am most likely to purchase the clever Altuzarra sweater. It simply screams style with its bold leather trim, while at the same time filling my need for a chunky knit.

Left: Ryan Roche, Right: Protagonist

As I said, I’m a jeans kinda girl—so my pants needs are few. BUT I have nothing like this Ryan Roche pair of knit pants in my streamlined closet. I see lots of possibilities there. Also, I am a staunch fan of the jumpsuit. It will take you so many places—and talk about comfort and ease. I like the simple cut of this Protagonist jumpsuit, and the deep V-neckline just suits me.

Left: Jenni Kayne, Right: Ulla Johnson, Top: Pas de Calais

All of these tops fill a gap in my closet. A simple white basic—I love a sleeveless cut because it makes it so easy to wear under jackets. This one by Jenny Kayne is chic. Finally, the Ulla Johnson and Pas de Calais tops are stand alone on the style front. Easy chic!

Happy sale shopping!!

P.S. I notice that the basics are going much faster than my usual ‘of the moment’ fashion trend items. So, even if these are already gone (possibly into my own closet), there are plenty of good pieces for your closet as well.

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