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I love to try new things. Especially if I am able to learn new things about myself. At twenty-two I am still evolving, learning about myself and the world around me, and constantly searching for some kind of guidance. If you have been following some of my previous articles, you know I am very open to metaphysical outlooks and natural healing. It will be no surprise to you that I recently turned to a “Professional Diviner” who specializes in card readings. I happened to follow Lindsey on Instagram and was tagged in a post by mom for a giveaway she was doing. All you have to do is ask a wacky question that you wouldn’t normally have asked and she would choose the best one with the prize being a reading for that specific question.

angel-tarot-17-e1358738724932Here was my question: “Do I have an addiction to clothing? I’m not very materialistic but I am obsessed and feel the need to always purchase. Do I have an emotional hole I need to fill? Do I feel that I need to fill that hole with clothes? What am I missing spiritually that I can achieve and no longer feel the need to update my closet daily?”

That question had been bothering me for some short time. My obsession with clothes spiked after my grandfather passed away when I was thirteen. I wanted to fill the void of loss with something else. I could control clothes and what I wore, but it became an unhealthy obsession with constantly wanting to buy something new, getting to the point that I wouldn’t wear something twice. Luckily, that has changed, but I still caught myself turning to materialistic objects to fill a void. What was I missing?

It was hard for her to choose just one question to answer, there were a lot of great questions, so she decided to do a short reading for everyone. I was ecstatic of course and couldn’t wait for my reading. I needed some sort of answer from the universe to help me. When I received my reading via email a few days later, I was amazed at how true and on point it was. She offered amazing advice and ways to cope with this “obsession”.

angel-tarot-14-e1358738318756Your clothing addiction” can be curbed through more mindful gratitude. By focusing on what you have instead of what you don’t have, you can experience satisfaction without going to the store all the time. Work on enjoying the clothes you already own. For instance, pick an article of clothing you like, but don’t wear much, and ask yourself how many ways you can find to wear it. See if you can make it go both casual and elegant, simple and complex, fun and serious. If you are constantly buying new things, you are not actually enjoying what you’re getting. Give more mindful attention to your current belongings and focus on creativity instead of filling in pieces” with new clothing. For instance, instead of getting, say, a belt that will match your outfit, see what other options are available to you with what you currently own. Could you use a funky scarf? Creativity is about developing yourself, which is satisfying, while purchasing is going outside of yourself, which is a temporary gratification.

At the end of a reading, I like to draw a bonus card” for my clients with a message to meditate on separately from the reading. Your message is, Action inspired by passion is more effective than action without it.”

3c1f0e56429a6ad3f38426a64eae77a2When receiving a reading of any kind, whether it be through tarot cards or by palm reading, it is important not to take each aspect of the reading literally but rather sense the meaning for you through mindful meditation, thought and simple intuitiveness. What spoke to me was when she said, “Creativity is about developing yourself, which is satisfying, while purchasing is going outside of yourself, which is a temporary gratification.” As a child I had been creative through my fashion, wearing mismatched prints and outrageous colors, but it was something I had lost many years ago when I focused on the material aspect rather than the creativity. I wanted to fit in, I didn’t want to be “different”. I hindered myself and my unique style in order to be loved by society. I had lost sight of being thankful. Being thankful for what I have been given, never enjoying what I had received and anxiously awaiting what was to come next. I lost the fun I had with my fashion as well as being thankful for what I already had in my closet. Her suggestions to be more creative with items I already had made sense. Lastly I felt the bonus card held true to the reading as a whole: “Action inspired by passion is more effective than action without it”. In order to do anything, whether it be pursuing my dreams or embracing my own personal style, I need to do it with passion and I have to want it. The first step was self awareness, but now I need to put it into action. I need to find passion in my unique style and embrace the individuality that I had been hiding. I’m excited for this journey and improving myself. I don’t want to feel that void anymore. I want to feel content from within and confident in my old tour shirt and leggings. I don’t need the most expensive items spilling out of my closet to fill my heart with happiness– that happiness can only be found from within.

On a lighter note, I am also very excited to start saving money! My goal is to invest more time in experiences rather than material things. I am excited for the new adventures that await.

If you are interested in a reading from Lindsey, visit and use coupon code “Jade” for 10% off your purchase!

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