Emilie’s Fall Finds

There are a few things in a woman’s wardrobe that have forever remained staples: a white t-shirt, black pants, maybe that little sundress that peeps out during the warmer months. Season after season I see the trends changing and wonder why our culture is so partial to buying new clothes every time the weather changes. I picked out those few staples that can be dressed up or dressed down. Each piece can be worn during any season and layered over, well, maybe that favorite little sundress of yours. Expressing yourself doesn’t have to look like what you see on a billboard! Be the most beautiful you out there, be yourself.

pendletonPendleton National Park Dog Coat

First on the list for this fall is a durable and striking Pendleton National Park Dog Coat. If we’re warming up near a fireplace this fall, shouldn’t Kava be nice and cozy too?

bootsCrazy Horse Women’s Casual Brogue Boot

I am on the go almost every day. My favorite shoes to wear are not only durable, but they must be waterproof, well insulated, ready-to-go and work with my lifestyle. These boots in whatever style or color you choose are a must have!


Paul Stuart Native American Indian Printed Wool Hopsack Scarf

In the Pacific Northwest it is so important to keep your neck warm during the rainy months. Whether you’re off to yoga, dashing across town or feeding horses in the morning fog, a reliable, well-made scarf is always good to have on hand—or shall I say, neck.


BDG Twig High-Rise Skinny Jean

Fall, winter, spring, summer- who cares! These jeans are an amazing fit for any woman with a curvaceous rear-end. I find it so difficult to find well fitting jeans that move with the same uniqueness as my body and these have done the trick for years! Black has always been my go-to color and is easy bottom denim to pair with any top.

t-shirtCotton Citizen The Mykonos V Neck Tee

Earthy, soft, layered: perfect. Forest green is one of my favorite colors and is a fantastic shade to wear underneath your fall jacket to maintain a terchiary palette. Mix and match a shirt like this with just about anything you like.

gapGap 1969 Denim Jacket

Layer it over a plain black hoodie, toss it over your favorite wool sweater, this classic 1969 denim jacket will do you no wrong. Dress it up or dress it down- there’s a reason it’s signature look and name is called “classic!”


Bare Minerals Pink Eyecolor 

Wear it loud, wear it proud — wear it you. I have never been a big makeup gal, but when I do partake, I like my palette to be an array of earth tones inspired by minimalism. This beautiful shimmer blends beautifully into fairer skin tones and sparkles just enough to make ‘em look twice.

perfumeByredo Mojave Ghost Eau De Parfum

I first played with this fragrance last spring and instantly fell in love with it. For years I have worn Daisy by Marc Jacobs, but Mojave Ghost is an elegant, warm and hauntingly beautiful substitute for these more intimate months. The base of this scent airs woody amber with hints of creamy magnolia that will keep you smelling your wrists all day.

rosebud-salve-copyRosebud Salve

My mom introduced me to Rosebud Salve when I was a young girl. Not only does it have the delicate fragrance of rose petals, but also its light pink tint keeps your lips sweet and soft all day long. This is a great keepsake to have with you anywhere you go–it can also be used on cuticles and dry hands for a little pick-me-up.


La Flor Mandala Earrings

I try to support as many local artists as possible and with the blossoming economy of online shopping, that is becoming easier and easier to do. This fall I choose to shop for a beautiful brass hoop featuring a magnificently intricate floral plate. My favorite tease about this piece is that although they are large below the earlobe, this pair of earrings is a simple 18g that will fit into any normal pierced ear.


 Fornasetti Armatura scented candle

Need I say much more? It’s the time of year for warm bubble baths, sanitaria candles and the comforting scents of fall drifting through your home. This candle has an aromatic blend of Lavender, Thyme and Cedarwood that will intoxicate your senses into a blissful wonderland.

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