Amanda’s Fall Finds

Although I’ve enjoyed my summer of being a beach bum and dressing up in adorable jumpers and dresses, I’m finally excited for all the latest fall fashion trends. I love fall just as much as I do summer – I love to curl up at home in a cozy oversized sweater while I read or go out for a fun night on the town in some distressed jeans, a t-shirt, a stylish jacket and some fabulous booties.

Best of all, along with the yummy fall clothing you get a new line of handbags…I’m a handbag and shoe obsessed kinda gal! I get so excited over the new bags, I could spend hours looking at them and it takes me even longer to find just the right one – because I just want them all! My favorite this fall is the Chloe Marcie Tote – it’s stylish and the medium size is perfect!

Another fabulous thing about fall is the start of the holiday parties and the dinner dates with friends. My wardrobe wouldn’t be complete without the perfect Little Black Dress. Out of all of my picks, this is the one piece that will for sure be making its way into my closet. And, of course, the perfect heels, dazzling jewelry and the perfect shade of red lipstick!

As you move towards making the fall wardrobe changes to your own closet you may find inspiration from my top picks by browsing through the slideshow above. While I can’t afford every pick, a girl can dream:)  Happy shopping!

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