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It is the most wonderful time of the year! While my favorite season, fall, is quickly approaching I decided to gather some of my fall must haves for this 2016 season. I searched near and far to select only the best, and most beautiful pieces of clothing, shoes, accessories and home decor to make sure this fall is as magical as possible. Enjoy!

BDG Patched Up Denim Trucker Jacket

I love this jean jacket. I feel they are perfect all year round, but especially for fall when they are layered with flannels and long cozy tees. I chose this jean jacket in particular because it is decorated with patches to give it extra flare and personality.



39996822_011_bSilence & Noise Between the Bars Plunge Top

This top is versatile. it can be worn during the day with a cozy cardigan while running errands or at night paired with a leather jacket for a sexy, sophisticated look. it comes in three different colors but my personal favorite is the ivory.




ASOS Soft Twill Oversized Shirt

Oversized flannels and shirts are one of my favorite looks for fall especially when paired with leggins or skinny jeans. I chose this twill top because I love the dark olive, khaki and the overall shape. it is on the border of masculine but still very feminine. Maybe I will stop stealing my dad’s flannels and swap them out with a few of these.



504853128_1_fullfrontZimmermann Winsome Sunday Dress

I adore lace, it has a way of making me feel elegant and beautiful. Which is why I chose the beautiful Winsome Sunday Dress by Zimmermann for my list for this fall. The Pintuck-pleated waist is what drew me to this piece as well as the front and back shoulder yoke. I would love to wear this to Sunday brunch!



504489231-multi-cc36e2fbPierre Hardy Roxy Platform Sandals

Platform shoes throw me back to what I imagine the sixties and seventies looked like! Although I am to young to have lived through it, I still lust over sixties and seventies fashion. I imagine Twiggy would have worn these and still might wear them today walking through the streets of London. I love platform shoes because I find they are easier to walk in then traditional heels or stilettos. These in particular are made of suede, which is one of my favorite types of leather and material for fall. The peep toe design is fun and would look lovely with a dark nail color like maroon.

749694_in_xlNewbark Jamie Fringed Suede Ankle Boots

If it has fringe, I want it. If it is suede, I want it. If it is a low-cut boot, I want it. To sum it up, I want this shoe! A laced up, soft brown boot screams fall. I could see myself wearing this with leggings, skinny jeans, and even a dress. I like to think these would be an investment for my closet since they are low-cut, I could wear them in the spring and summer too.


6332803-2ASOS Edison Heeled Ankle Boots

Last shoe I promise, but a girl can never have to many shoes, right? Suede is very in this season but different from the first one is this one is lighter with a heel. It has a platform, which makes it easy to walk in even though it has a four inch heel. I feel the almond toe gives it a nice touch of femininity, making this the perfect boot with a mini-skirt and tights!


39438007_091_dUrban Renewal Remade Levi’s Frayed Jean

I love Urban Outfitters and its Urban Renewal line which takes vintage clothing and updates it by hand making each item one of a kind. These classic Levi’s have been updated by fraying the hem by hand, very nineties! I love the versatile silhouette which could work with a number of tops in my closet currently. I could see myself tucking in an old tour shirt or dressing it up with a silky blouse in these Levi’s!


504644711_2_bagfrontqtrSaint Laurent Small Sac De Jour

This leather sac is gorgeous and continues the theme of warm browns for this fall. I fell in love with this bag because of it’s elegant shape and design. The gusseted sides and gold hardware are both a major bonus. It’s large enough for daily errands but still a great size for all of your fall adventures!



777113_in_xlCarbon & Hyde 14K Gold, Diamond & Turquoise Necklace

A mixture of gold, diamonds, and turquoise is all I need in a necklace. I love crystals and the fact that this piece mixes mystic and elegance makes it one of my favorite necklaces for fall. The necklace is adjustable with two different lengths which makes it easy to layer with other necklaces or wear it alone.


a327-646-view1Nixon Time Teller Acetate Watch

Tortoiseshell is timeless which makes this piece an investment to your closet because you can wear it all year round! A watch is a staple in the professional women’s wardrobe, running from adventure to adventure, so make sure it’s as stylish as you are. The Nixon watch is perfect for meeting filled weekdays, to brunch filled weekends. You’ll never be late again!


504746119-gold-eda11dabAna Khouri Venus Ring

I was first drawn to this ring due to the name, but when I saw it featured the most beautiful bezel set emerald I was sold! Emerald is one of my favorite stones, and some very dear people are May babies. Curved to go around one side of your finger, this design is something I had never seen before. The asymmetric design is elegant and showcases the stone perfectly! They also carry a similar design but with a diamond which is equally gorgeous. I’ll take one of each!

40321036_070_bLily of the Valley Headband by Epona Valley

It’s always important to accessorize your hair and this headband is perfect. You could wear this for a night out with the girls or to one of the many fall weddings you will be attending. The headband is gold plated brass, with glass accents. It could be worn with an up-do, or with loose curls, the styles with this piece are endless.



154757_710Kate Spade New York Gold Stripe Thermal Mug

Some of my most favorite hot drinks revolve around fall, hot apple cider being one of them, and you can’t forget to have the cutest coffee cup while sipping your favorite drink. Gold is very prominent this fall and the Kate Spade thermal mug is perfect for early mornings heading to work, or snuggled in bed with your favorite book.



7228455-1-jewelJewel Hand Cream & Lip Balm Duo

It’s important to keep your skin moisturized during the fall as the weather begins to get more chilly. This precious jewel hand cream and lip balm duo is the perfect edition to your makeup bag. I love the adorable gem containers, which was initially why I was drawn to them, but the fact that it is usable and smells of vanilla (lip balm) and lotus (the hand cream) makes me want this set even more.

4628337-1-beigeshootingBourjois Rouge Edition 12 Hour Lipstick

After moisturizing your lips, it’s important to have a lipstick for fall. I chose Bourjois Rouge 12 Hour Lipstick in “Prune Afterwork”. It’s on the edge of a pretty pink with a hint of rich brown which makes it perfect for fall. This lipstick has seven other colors, for a total of eight shades, to choose from that promises lasting hydration and a 12 hour wear, score!


38092961_046_bKocostar Deep Hydration Mask

After a long day at the office or school, you deserve to pamper yourself. As mentioned before as the weather gets colder it’s important to keep your skin hydrated and moisturized. This mask includes bergamot, neroli, and petigrain oils which aid in alleviating anxiety, enhancing your mood and restoring a sense of balance. Perfect!



39760681_007_dCrescent Moon String Lights

This fall it is important to keep your space cozy, especially for nights you choose to stay inside with your favorite book and a cup of hot cocoa. When I think cozy, I think of string lights, and with one of my favorite elements, the moon, is included I am all for it. These crescent moon string lights are perfect to set the comfortable and relaxing mood. They also have a star design because you can’t have the moon with out the stars!

33729989_030_bHand-Cut Agate Bookends

To spruce up your space and house all of your fall reads, these hand-cut agate bookends are a perfect addition to any book lovers home. You have the choice between purple and olive. I love the olive, and no two are alike which gives them both their own personality.



39213731_005_bHeradia Throw

Lastly, it wouldn’t be fall without the perfect throw to cuddle up in with someone you love. I chose the Heradia throw because it not only is it perfect to relax in, it is also a work of art. Embroidered with acrylic and wool, it is a perfect statement piece for couch or bed. You might want to get two, one for each room!

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