Facial Cleansing Wipes—Everyone Needs Them!

While we are fully aware of the benefits of washing our face every night, sometimes we are just tired. For the record, I am actually very adamant about cleansing the daily grime and make-up off on a nightly basis, but every once in awhile I am just plain lazy. Also for the record, I never wash my face in the morning! Quality facial cleansing cloths are a key part of my morning routine.

So, whether you are a die hard nightly/morning face washer or just starting to pick up on the importance of a regular skincare routine, we believe that having a good facial cleansing wipe in your arsenal of beauty products is a must. We’ve picked our favorites to share with you. Some, like Klorane’s Make-Up Remover Wipes, are excellent for straight cleaning, while others like the Ole Henriksen line, offers an array of products specifically targeted for individual skincare concerns. Personally, I have a little collection—some in my bathroom, some in my travel bag, and always some in my gym bag for days when I really get my sweat on!

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