The Bomber Jacket

If you don’t already have one, a key addition to your Fall wardrobe is the Bomber Jacket. It took me awhile to warm up to this trend, but there are so many amazing jackets out there right now that I can’t fight it anymore—and it’s a trend that is not going anywhere. They are as comfortable and versatile as they are stunning, and the Fall offering is full of whimsy and character that can infuse your basic wardrobe with a little personality. While we all love our sumptuous tan coats and black cashmere sweaters, sometimes is just feels right to throw on a little pop of fun on a cold day.

While I may not be willing to swallow the Vetements pricetag (I’m still not getting this one!), the Stella McCartney embroidered satin ‘Tiger’ jacket is taking me into Fall and beyond! Whether you go for subtle army green, feminine embroidered roses, or a true splash of growling tigers and fire breathing dragons, there is something out there to express every personality!

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