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While I always think about the potentially harmful effects of what I put into my body when eating (organic, non-GMO, you get the picture), surprisingly, until recently I rarely paid a thought to the potentially harmful effects of what I put on my body. Blinded by the media buzz of eternal youth, my personal skin care selections were made based on the promises they gave for turning back the hands of time rather than the purity of their ingredients. In fact, for years I scoffed at the idea of organic skin care products, asserting that they could not possibly be as effective as laboratory developed ones. But everything changed when I stumbled across the Think Dirty App. While not new—it is new to me!

Founded by Leslie Tse, who was inspired by both a family history of cancer and her own extensive research into the environmental impact skincare ingredients can have on people and the environment, this App makes it easy to assess the ‘purity’ of your own products or those you are considering purchasing. It is brilliant! However, I need to warn you that it is more than slightly addictive. In one night, I scanned almost my entire bathroom, and, much to my dismay, it is very “dirty.” Seriously, I have not been able to use my products with quite the same indulgent abandon since that night. I can’t get that red rating (use the App and you will understand) out of my mind!

Think Dirty 2

Think Dirty offers a super easy to use scanning system that allows you to quickly and easily scan the barcode of any product. No bar code, no problem, just enter the product name and brand and up comes the rating. Think Dirty uses a 0-10 rating system (10 being the most ‘dirty’) and gives you a thorough outline of the ingredients in your product, the associated potential and/or verified health risks, and probably more information on each ingredient than most of us really want to know (trust me it will definitely affect your approach to your products!). An especially good feature allows you to submit a product for review if it is not currently on their list.

Think Dirty’s overviews are based on information from a bevy of experts, including Campaign for Safe Cosmetics  a long-time watchdog of the potential impacts of personal care products.

We love this App. It currently houses over 3200 brands and 350,000 products. After all, we should have the right to know what we are putting onto and into our bodies. Is that really too much to ask? By the way, my bathroom clocked in at an average very dirty, hot red number 8!

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