The Art of Procrastinating

I had one job, and one job only, this weekend—finish my blog posts for the week. I had at least five half finished blogs and an equal number in my mind. I had promised Amanda that I would send them to her so that she could do her magic and get them ready to post. I was working from home, a relaxing, inspiring spot. But here is the thing, the minute I sat down to write I started seeing all of the things that I could be doing. There was laundry to do, a kitchen to clean, furniture to be moved around, closets to be cleaned, ‘stuff’ to be gathered and given away…you get the picture. No matter how hard I tried I simply could not sit at the computer and complete a blog. I kept popping up, running from room to room starting other ‘projects’. My puppies were in full support of my blog writing, laying quietly at my feet, staring at me with wondering eyes as I popped up and down like a Mexican bean on a hot pavement. Every sentence of writing was followed by a dish being washed, an empty garden pot being discovered in a cobweb filled corner. To top it all off Shadow (this is a love name for my long-time boyfriend—I’ll explain it later) was home for the week-end so he could help me!

Unlike some people, my procrastination is not filled with slow time reading, meditating or other soulful pursuits. It is filled with productivity—just not on the project that is actually supposed to be completed. Maybe I should concoct a strategically rationalized system whereby when I am actually supposed to write I will put Do Laundry on my To Do List. Subliminal code to trick myself into doing the real project at hand. However, I’m doubtful that will work—I am on to my own tricks.


So, here is what I did this week-end instead of writing blogs:


  1. I planted an entire pot garden on my back patio. I have been envisioning this masterpiece of floral beauty since the beginning of summer. It was time to do it! After all, I was supposed to be doing something else—prime time to get this project done. It entailed three trips to the garden store, cleaning out old, found pots, artfully placing them about the patio, and trying to muster up the landscape architect in me. I did it and so far they are still alive!
  1. I roped in Shadow and we cleaned out the entire back room of the house. This entailed moving all of the furniture so that I could rearrange it, sweeping, mopping, finding disgusting things in dark corners, several trips to the dumpster, and the rental of a carpet cleaner. It looks sparkling and fantastic—like a whole new room.
  1. A purchase of a new small beverage refrigerator at Home Depot at 9PM Saturday night. Our old one had been keeping the beverages at a toasty 68 degrees for weeks—I could not wait another minute for frosty coldness. Since no one actually works at Home Depot that late, we hauled this big box off the shelf onto a giant roller cart ourselves and with the strength that only super heroes can muster on a Saturday night hefted it into the car and subsequently into the house. It was up and running by 11pm. Success!
  1. My dogs got more walks over the week-end than they have had in an entire week. All of the laundry is done, the dishes put away, the refrigerator so clean that I think it should be my next Instagram photo. Shadow strung lights in the backyard and swept off the patio. After all, we needed the frame for my pot garden masterpiece (sadly, this photo is not my house… but Shadow did an amazing job). He also began working on a painting that I have been wanting him to do for me. He is not an artist—he must be procrastinating too.

backyard-party-lights-1912-backyard-lighting-ideasBut at the end of the week-end, as we sat outside surrounded by sparkling lights, pots, flowers, I couldn’t quite relax and enjoy it. There was a rumbling in the pit of my stomach, something niggling at the back of my mind. What is Amanda thinking? Was she anxiously watching her email for blog posts? Had I failed her? Was I going to have to get up at the crack of dawn to fool her into thinking that I had been writing all week-end—no, this would never work, she knows me too well. After a frantic moment, I took a deep breath, refused to jump on that mind spin of worry, and just decided to own myself. This is who I am—a Procrastinator. Tomorrow when I am supposed to be planning out our next photo shoot I will sit down and get the blogs done. So we jumped in the Alfa Romeo and went for a ride—top down under the stars!

Main Image by: Amanda Webb Photography

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