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One day while I was scrolling through Instagram I came across a company called Sand Cloud Towels. Being the beach bum that I am, I was immediately drawn to their beautiful beach towels. So, I clicked on their profile and mindlessly scrolled through their ambassador shared photos. It was the Iris towel that caught my attention. So, I kept clicking. The more I clicked the more I fell in love with what I was seeing. This company not only provides beautiful towels for those of us that love the beach, but they sincerely feel a connection with the ocean and the life it holds within. And they want to keep our beaches clean and help protect the marine life!

IMG_3756As I kept scrolling through their site looking at all of their products, I noticed that they give back by donating 10% of every purchase to different organizations that help keep the marine life safe and free! Not only does Sand Cloud donate financially, they–alongside many of their brand ambassadors–team up with local organizations in San Diego (where they are based) and clean up the beaches!

It warms my heart to see a company not only sharing my love for the ocean and the marine life but also doing their part to give back. I was so touched by their mission that I decided I wanted to help them continue to give back and to further their message! I signed up to become a Sand Cloud ambassador that day and made my purchase. I ordered my Iris towel, my Save the Fishies glass and bamboo water bottle and an adorable silver sea turtle necklace!

SavethefishiesI was so stoked when I received my package and even more stoked that the products were better in person than I imaged they would be. I love my towel, I literally take it everywhere with me. It’s my go to beach and travel blanket! I don’t go anywhere without that towel and, of course, my Save the Fishies water bottle!

I’m a Sand Cloud fan for life, and I love how easily it fits into my life!

Photos by: Top – Sammy Garcia Photography, Bottom – Angela Ronda 

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