Invisi Bobble – Hair Tie Perfection

One day Mary Ann walked into the Simply Stylish studio and unloaded her bag onto the table. Emilie and I both knew this meant it was time to try some more awesome products! Of course we were all excited to try the latest batch of goodies, when all of a sudden Mary Ann shows us these Invisi Bobble Original Hair Ties.

At first glance I thought to myself, those look like the security key chain my dispatcher key card used to be attached to when I worked for the sheriff’s office. I was skeptical that these unique hair ties would actually work for my thick hair. Much to my surprise they have become my favorite hair tie. Flash forward to over a month later and I am still using the same one she gave me.

1466539106057These hair ties are fabulous! Even though it does not wrap as tightly around my thick hair as my other ones, it holds my hair in place all day long. It has yet to break, unlike all my other hair ties which usually break after just a couple of uses. My old hair ties would get stuck in my hair everyday, this one has only gotten tangled in my hair once (shamefully I must admit due to me being a beach bum and not brushing my hair for a few days).

The Invisi Bobble Original Hair Tie comes in many different colors and are perfect for everyone. I even brought one home for my boyfriend (surfer = man bun) to try. He loves it, although, I have since had to replace his because he lost it in the ocean when it was on his wrist. They do tend to stretch out from their original shape once used but still hold the hair firmly in place.

In my opinion this is the greatest hair tie I’ve ever tried, and I can’t wait to stock up on more colors!

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