The Greatness Of Small Joys

Despite our love of fashion and style…some days call for reflection and something greater than the outer world…

The other day I was running around on my usual frantic round of work errands when it just suddenly hit me…

This life is short—and gets shorter every day no matter how long I live…I Don’t want to waste another single precious moment of being alive.  I want to be Living Life!

FlowersThe thought and subsequent feeling was so powerful that it literally took my breath away for a moment.  Where is the time going and what am I really spending most of my time doing?  I spontaneously texted my little sister to share my thought (I think that there was a little fear there even), and asked her ”What are you grateful for right now, this very minute?”  I was expecting a quick answer—something usual like “my health” or “the sun shining”—both of which would have been good answers I must say.

BUT—here is what I received in reply…

Looking into the eyes of my horse

Waking up in the morning

Breathing; Swimming; Yoga

Listening to a friend

Laughing; Music; Dancing

Buying Flowers for myself  a0b7dae68fd80bf12e274739d86f187d

Getting a great parking spot in the shade

Touching the earth

Talking to all animals, birds, and bugs

Wrapping up in sun dried sheets and quilts

Being naked under the sun and moon

And closing my eyes in complete peace at night

This list of small gratitudes brought tears to my eyes and immediately slowed me down.  Here was my younger sister—far more connected to her inner soul in the middle of a regular day than I am in moments of attempted quiet.  I learned so much from her and about her in that moment.  She changed my day—and has continued to change my approach to my day every time I revisit her precious list.  Not only do I love her—I love this life and the great gift of being alive. I think that in the United States so much is available to us—so much more to always be wanting—that we may often forget that it is in the smallest things—most freely given us—that we can find the greatest happiness.

happy girls laughing with perfect white straight teethI will forever be grateful for that moment of clarity—for my sister’s sharing— for the chance to step in her gratitude—and to begin to start each of my days reflecting on the greatness of small joys.

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Perfection Not Required,

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  1. Thank you for sharing this. Your sister hit it on the head. It is the little things and connecting moments with others that inspire us mortals. Life does indeed go by fast and can be gone in a second. So…perhaps we all need to slow down and enjoy the moment.

  2. Great story! I am enlightened by other people’s stories & I am also very inspired by them to write about things from my own past ot memories, myself.

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