Do We Really Want to Live Forever?

It happened at the Simply Stylish “idea” table one morning. Out of my mouth burst, “Amanda, don’t eat those Cheez-Its. They are full of additives that are so bad for you.” It just popped out, without a thought—except maybe “I want to help her”. Her little face looked like I had just slapped her. Red cheeked she replied to me, “I know, but life is short and sometimes I just want to enjoy something.” And there you have it…the conundrum! Aren’t we alive to enjoy it?? Do we have to watch everything we do, everything that goes into our mouths, on our bodies, into our homes?

Two things popped into my mind: ) How mean and judgmental could I be at that moment, all secretly costumed even from me in an expression of caring about her; 2) Geez, she is SO right! In the United States, we are constantly inundated with all of the things we should be doing to live forever…look young forever…be thin forever…. But, seriously, how much of this is really about balance, and how many of us are just following the edicts of everything we read without truly understanding the science, and perhaps safety, behind all of it.

In my lifetime, I have swung the spectrum from eating pizza and canned refried black beans every day, proudly partying every night under the guise of becoming a wine connoisseur, scoffing at the idea of a daily multi-vitamin, and considering walking from the car to the office door exercise to becoming obsessive about eating all organic, buying an actual cow so that I could be sure it was grass fed (I am from Texas, I am not a vegetarian), quitting drinking entirely, and getting my black belt in a grueling martial art for exercise—and everywhere in between. Yes, I admit it, I am a victim of social media health and wellness advice—I am this person:

  1. I used to take a multi-vitamin every day. Not even every day, really, just the days I remembered it. Now my pantry looks like a test lab for a supplement company. The plates and coffee cups have been relegated to nooks and crannies to make room for the enormous number of bottles of supplements, powders and tinctures that will either a.) prevent me from getting some deadly disease; b.) keep my skin wrinkle free forever; c.) give me boundless amounts of energy so that I never have lag time in the day again.
  2. Turmeric—my entire kitchen is now tinged in orange. It goes on everything I eat and/or in many things I drink. Much to my dismay I discovered that the month and months of Turmeric ingestion were meaningless because I had not been adding pepper and fats—the two things that actually help Turmeric to be readily absorbed in the body. Which leads me to…
  1. Coconut Oil! It is everywhere in my house. It is in the cupboards, it is in the bathroom. It goes in my body and it goes on my body. My milk is coconut and so is my creamer. It has replaced all other oils in my life—and I miss some of my old friends. Whatever happened to the miraculously curative powers of Olive Oil?
  1. My grocery bills have soared, as has my time spent shopping, because my meat is grass fed, I will only eat eggs from chickens who frolic in pastures, GMOs are poison so I must read every label; organic is essential if I am going to live forever and when a can dare enter my house if must be BPA free. Water needs to be PH balanced or filled with Chlorophyll and juices are only good when they are low on sugar and loaded with things like charcoal, lavender and fennel and active enzymes.
  1. My mornings start with a viciously acrid shot of Apple Cider Vinegar in water that is followed with fish oil taken right from the spoon. My coffee must now have a mixture of raw cacao powder, grass fed butter and cinnamon in it or it is worthless to my longevity.

All kidding aside, I personally love exploring thoughts on health and vibrant longevity. I believe in many of the healthy lifestyle and eating habits that have been proven by science to lead to a more vital life for us now and in the future—and some of the more ‘out there’ spiritually based ones as well. Personally, I am happy when I am discovering new theories and ideas regarding health and aging (or more truthfully anti-aging), peeling back its layers to find out if it works for me. And that’s the key point—what works for me. As radical as it may sound, the same things just might not work for everyone. For that reason, we are dedicated to turning over every stone on the subject—and we call it Ageless Thinking. We will explore the tried and true and the more ‘out there’ ideas that could help us all live the most vital life possible.

But to determine what is best for you, you need to know yourself: be in tune with your body, be in touch with what resonates with YOU. There is no magic equation. We are of the opinion that it is all about balance. The time we spend in pleasure is equally as important as the hard work we put in to staying healthy. Delicious dinners spent laughing with friends may possibly help our health and longevity as much as a 20-minute walk or a weight lifting session. Seriously, I like pizza!!! I LOVE pizza—can it possibly be that bad for me?

And do I really want to live forever?? Only if my quality of life is good… and I am laughing all the way!

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Perfection Not Required,

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