She’s Psy-Chic… And We Believe Her!

At Simply Stylish we are interested in the big picture of what makes a person’s life full—the journey to happiness and all of the little joys and challenges along that path. To us the work Bree Melanson does in helping people “live from their souls” is vital. She endlessly inspires us! At one moment she is expounding on the limitless possibilities and joy available to each of us and in the next breath she is conspiring with us about the search for the perfect red lipstick. She touches thousands of lives daily—making the world a better place one channeled message at a time.

I can say from personal experience that you are an incredible Spiritual Enhancer. I say Enhancer because you have a special gift of helping people to bring forward their own amazing personal healing power. Tell me a little bit about how you share your gift with the world:

I am a spiritual medium. I help people connect and live more from their souls and their higher selves. I do that by helping people move away from the grip of the ego—helping them to change negative patterns in their lives and to find inner peace. We are all here with great purpose. We came to learn, but it doesn’t have to be through pain. I also like to share what most psychics won’t…that we’re all psychic, it just takes some practice and know-how, so I teach people how to become their own oracle.

I’ve interacted with many spiritual healers, but you are unique. When I work with you, I know am going to WORK, ha, I don’t just lay there and have something ‘magical’ done to me:

Yeah, that’s just like anything in life, if nothing changes nothing changes. It requires us to do the work to make the change. The process encourages a person to look at some of her deepest fears, those that we don’t usually even know that we are holding onto. The deeper we go, the deeper and more powerful the change. Nothing is happening to us. We are creating our reality all the time. Just like anything else in life, we get what we put into it.  A person has to be willing to change, to put some work forward, to dip into those places that may be frightening and to go beyond them. This is where the real change happens.

I know—sometimes I am exhausted when we are done. But I have never before achieved the life changing shifts that I have experienced with you. It is like finding an inner strength and confidence that I never knew I had—very, very life altering and freeing! The heart of your work seems to be helping people dig into old issues and heal them—what you call Core Beliefs:

Bree_Ocean_EditedYes. People come to me with a wide variety of issues that they want to address. There are people who have suffered from lifelong depression and there are people who feel great but just want to make more money, find love or lose a little weight. But what I find is that all of these individual issues begin at the deepest level of core beliefs. Most we pick up as early as childhood and some are brought with us from past lives.

So, we tend to think we have an issue with money, or an issue with weight, but really it’s always deeper than that. All of us create maladaptive coping mechanisms as children. At a very young age we’re learning what it takes to be safe and loved in the world and then we carry those out into our adult lives without knowing it. This is why we get stuck in patterns, we have subconscious beliefs about unnecessary sacrifice. There is a hidden ‘payoff’ in the negative patterns that we hold onto, but it is actually holding us back from realizing our full potential. I help people to identify the beliefs behind the patterns so that they can break the limitation that is showing up in their lives now. It’s hard to find these on your own, it’s not impossible, but the subconscious accounts for about 90% of our thoughts and our behaviors and by definition we are unconscious of what we’re holding.  In breaking the grip of old core beliefs, we experience the process of letting go of the grip the ego has on us. We are infinite: in our possibilities, in our desires, our abilities, our knowledge, our capacity for joy and nothing has to be hard.

You’ve told me our greatest lessons are to be learned through relationships and that we make pacts before we are born with everyone with whom we come into relationship with in this lifetime. Tell me more about that:

I love the idea that relationships are divine assignments of the soul. I do believe that we contract just about everything. It’s hard to grasp the idea of an infinite universe, but I believe that not only do we contract relationships, but possibilities at every junction. The most spiritual life is one of accountability. Everyone is our teacher. Everything is our teacher. People, circumstances, the reality around us is a reflection of our belief systems.  The way we interact with life and others is in direct relation to how we feel about ourselves, in a sense, our level of self love and divine consciousness.

I’m always told by the angels and light beings that everything is a blessing, all for our unfoldment. Nothing is a curse, nothing is working against us and the biggest way we can make change and spiritual segue is seeing it as such, that everything is an opportunity for growth. Within this, I believe our soul has contracted these relationships for our collective learning.  All lessons are really one – we’re in this together. It can be really helpful to try to see things from your soul’s perspective. Simply asking, what’s in it for my soul? What could my soul be desiring to learn from this? Most of the time it’s self love. It’s taking a look at it and becoming accountable and shape shifting in that moment through realization

Can you explain “contracted relationships”:

frame-006010Sure, I believe that before we come to earth, we choose our bodies, our families, our major and minor relationships. So it’s the idea that your soul comes to earth to learn specific lessons and your soul picks the most appropriate people to help you learn those lessons. So, if my soul wanted to learn about forgiveness, I might choose an abusive parent.

If my soul wanted to learn about self-love, I might pick a parent who would probably take off or not be available for me as a child. The soul does not choose things to get stuck in them, the soul chooses these opportunities for growth and to know the fullness of these essences. I believe that we contract these things before we ‘come down’, what role to take, like in a play.

You also are becoming well known for your channeled messages. Can you explain channeling:

Channeling is the ability to be a clear conduit to receive direct messages from the divine. Some may think of the divine as God, some may think of it as a Higher power. Ultimately, it is higher energy that is within each of us. So, I get myself, my ego and my energy totally out of the way and I go into a really deep meditation. I am intentionally opening up my mind and energy field to receive information. In some way we are all doing this. It manifests itself through creativity or inspired thought, but channeling is a practiced method to connect with the divine, the angels, ascended Masters and Light Beings. Their information is highly evolved, always a step above where we are on the human plane. It’s usually new information to help us move forward collectively.

How do you do that? I can’t even get out of my own way to meditate for five minutes:

Ha! Ya, it takes practice and I have had teachers help me to hone in on it. I don’t encourage people to just try it. You want to have a good teacher to help you so that you are safe and create good boundaries. Bree_handwshells_editedBecause I have connected so many times through meditation and my mediumship, it’s easier. It’s like a muscle. If you exercise it, it gets stronger and stronger. It wasn’t always quick and easy for me, but I notice that now I am able to reach that state a lot faster, and I notice that if I don’t practice, the ‘muscle’ becomes weaker. There are a lot of misconceptions about meditation. You have to start where you are. The whole point of meditation is to become aligned and present and to feel good. Yoga can be a meditation, a walk is nature can be meditative – I get a lot of insight this way. You don’t have to be perfect at meditation or reach some yogi level, the idea is to create inner peace and there are a lot of ways we can do that.

Simply Stylish questions…are you ready:
When I say Mind, Body, Soul what does it mean to you:

They are all connected and I think that what we tend to do is separate them. When we begin to realize this is all one thing running together it makes healing a lot easier. It is my belief that the soul, higher self, this eternal energy that we are connected to, is the driving force behind the body. So the soul works through the mind and the body. The body is a vehicle for the soul. It is a temporary expression for us to learn life lessons through. So when we get disconnected from our soul, I think this is where a lot of the sickness comes from. Even if we are not approaching it from the soul’s perspective we do understand that the mind and body work together constantly. They are sending messages to each other at every second, most that we are unaware of. For example, we are not consciously making a decision in our mind that makes our heart beat on a regular basis. So the bigger question becomes what thoughts are we sending to our body? What limitations are we sending to ourselves?

Bree on Wall_editedOur mind, I think, is capable of so much that we are just scratching the surface of. Health has so much to do with training your mind and connecting with your inner being so your body can do its job. Our body is constantly working for us usually in perfect order, then we throw negative emotion in and disrupt the system. It takes some accountability and practice, but catching yourself early at discomfort instead of letting it lead to a panic attack is a good example of maintaining a healthy mind and system. Just like anything we have to teach ourselves. So, just like learning how to drive a car, it takes a lot of effort at first but then it becomes a subconscious action that you take on a daily basis—no real thought involved anymore. We can attain health and inner peace in the same way. Personal training for the soul.

We believe in Ageless Thinking—in stepping out of the limitations with which we are constantly bombarded. What does that evoke for you:

I think it’s everything and it goes back to what I was saying about the universal unity of the Mind, Body, Soul. I just channeled on this recently. Kwan Yen said you can begin to reverse the aging process by paying attention more to what your body is truly desiring. IMG_0054Through rest, drinking water or maybe through movement you can combat the aging process. We know that when we do things in excess it is bad for us; we know it’s hard on the body. But why are we drinking, why are we reaching for the alcohol, the sugar, the drugs, or whatever it might be? When we are truly aligned we don’t have these needs. As a result, we are going to feel better, be happier—and look better. In a connected, joyous state we don’t need outside stimulants. I’ve also been told that the body can live forever, so it’s just a matter of tapping into that. Sometimes we sign up for, “I’m this age so I can’t do this anymore”—we just sign up for society’s beliefs of what we are capable of. Why? Why just sign up for limitations? Ageless thinking, yeah, the more we can feel limitless in our lives the more limitless we become. The more we can do longer. The better we look… forever. So, maybe you should be having a new conversation with yourself about where you are really at—all you can really do and be. It’s ultimately having a peace and a joy that keeps us young. I’m a work in progress for sure but people often think I’m 10 years younger than I am, and I feel it!

What can’t you live without:

Coffee. It’s the first thing I go for in the morning. Even before I go to the bathroom. I love it. I generally just have that one cup in the morning, but I savor it. I love sipping on that cup and feeling like anything can happen. It’s the beginning of the day, a clean slate… with a kick. I adore coffee, strong coffee.


Nature. Nature really has her grip on me lately. Just when I think I understand it’s infinite ability, I’m shown more. If I’m ever in a funky mood I know to go into nature and it always erases whatever useless tinge I had. Sometimes I’m brought to tears in the best way just by observing the perfect way nature works. It’s such a teacher for us. I believe deeply that when we are all aligned we will work perfectly together like nature. We’ll have no lack, no poverty, no wars. When we are all functioning from our purest most true expression we will be in complete balance.

My special collection of healing crystals. I almost packed a huge box of them with me to take to Europe this year. I was there for 7 months and even though I don’t use them in my work, I do feel a lot more connected and grounded when I have them. They create a nice energy and do have a lot of healing elements.

Bree-Collage-ProductsMy Clare Vivier Clutch. I’ve never been one to lug a lot of things around. It’s the perfect size for the bare essentials and you can be dressed up or casual. I think it works with just about everything.

Epicuran Kukui Coconut Lotion. I’m so addicted to this stuff, I’ve been using it for at least a decade. It’s the best, it lasts forever and it smells like the beach. I also just love coconut anything.

Bobbi Brown Lipstick. I love a good red lip! I carry it with me everywhere. I don’t do day colors or night colors, I think you can wear red anytime with just about anything.

For more on Bree visit her website at

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