Bree on Manifesting

Yes. We create our own reality. Completely. Everything that happens to us. So it’s not a question of HOW to manifest it’s more about WHAT am I manifesting? What am I believing to be true? A lot of times we are trying to manifest something so that we can feel better or more secure about ourselves. It’s ok to have desires, I have a lot of them, but they should feel good and we ideally want to be at peace about them.

I think that what most people don’t understand about manifesting is that the power lies within it releasing attachment, “If I had X amount of dollars then I would be…” But manifesting is about finding the sweet spot and contentment in desire and not needing to declare it in order to embody something. Non-attachment can be so powerful, the ability to know that you can create it without needing it in order to feel good. This is how you open yourself up to divine solutions and actually speed up the manifestation process.

For example, usually we would say: If I have a million dollars I will feel capable. When really, we can access this feeling without the million dollars and by accessing it unconditionally we open ourselves up to creating it more easily.

“If I have ____ I will feel ____.” By releasing the need to have the thing, and allowing the feelings to be present that you are desiring, you are bringing the manifestation to you, and it just feels better! Manifesting really is just about what we believe is possible.

If you really want to manifest something, take an honest look at what you believe to be possible for yourself. Our lives are like blue prints of our subconscious belief systems about what we believe to be possible. That is why core belief work is so powerful. We often don’t realize we’re holding onto negative beliefs because there is a hidden pay off that is driven by the ego.

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