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Let me just start of by saying I love the beach and the ocean. I grew up in the desert and up until 8 years ago did not understand the joys of going to the beach. Now I spend almost every free moment I have there with my Wave photographer/Bodyboarding Boyfriend Sammy and my son Steven.

Sounds like a normal and fun thing to do so what’s the problem right? The problem is I am a natural redhead with ivory skin that burns within 5 minutes of being in the sun. So there are a few options for me – stay home; no thank you, cover up head to toe and wear a big hat, or enjoy the freedom the beach offers me and get sunburn to the point of looking like a lobster because I had yet to discover a sunblock solution that worked effectively for me.

Since the first two options are nowhere in the realm of my thinking I usually applied a non-effective sunblock and went on my merry way to enjoy the beach. Of course resulting in a sunburn even though I reapplied my sunscreen throughout the day. I would then have to apply my favorite after sun care; Silk Hydration by Hawaiian Tropics when I got home. Although I truly loved the effectiveness of the Hawaiian Tropic soothing lotion, I grew very tired of the repetitive cycle and not to mention the damage to my skin.

Well, no more – I have fallen in love with the Fresh Mango scent of the moisturizing Organic SPF 50 Sport Sunscreen by Coola! This tube of refreshing goodness is now my go to sunblock and it lasts up to 80 minutes of water resistant coverage. I take it with me on my beach adventures and apply this refreshingly light and airy cream several times throughout the day and now I no longer require the soothing effects of the Hawaiian Tropics after sun care – well, that is unless I’ve forgotten my tube of Coola sunscreen.

This beach bum is super excited about this new found love and even more excited about it’s 70% organic ingredients and I highly recommend it to all my fellow beach enthusiasts!

main image by Sammy Garcia Photography

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