To Tuck Or Not To Tuck…

I must admit that it is a dilemma for me—I always want to tuck in my shirts!  It doesn’t matter whether they are mean to be blouson, slouchy or simply un-tucked. I want to tuck them in. Yes, I am a huge fan of the semi-tucked shirt.  A tiny bit of fabric tucked just right at the waist—just above the pant closure at the belly button. It looks so perfectly unkempt, like I just threw on my top without a care in the world only to walk out the door like I should be on the cover of a magazine. Effortless style!  Occasionally, I can do it—but let me stress the word occasionally.


Truly, I don’t know where this driving need to tuck everything in comes from. Could it be my Texas roots? Everything perfectly polished never leave the house without lipstick Texas Heritage? My dear friend Sweet Pea, owner of the AMAZING Carmel, Ca boutiques Girl Boy Girl and Paloosh just looks at me with a blank, near pained look every time she sees me do it. “Don’t tuck it in” she says with authority—and a tiny hint of disdain (she loves me, we are “sisters”). She knows me so well that even when I text her with my brilliant styling efforts for my fashionable foray into the day she texts back, “Sounds good, but you probably have the shirt tucked in.” This is not a compliment on my day’s fashion inspiration.

ttontt 1

Of course, she is the epitome of effortless chic—almost sloppy but instead sheer perfection of California Cool. She clearly has not an ounce of Texas fashion propriety in her blood. She is an inspiration…

Still, even with her professional guidance and inspiration I want to TUCK-IT-IN! It makes me feel better, secure, safely held in my fabulous clothes like one long, tight line—ready to face the world. Of course, this does not go far in supporting my simultaneous desire to be a Gypsy, whose loose flowing garments are de rigueur in her casual approach to life.

I’m working on it…

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Perfection Not Required,

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