Tried And True “T’s”

James Perse

James Perse is no newcomer in the T-Shirt front, but it may be only in the last decade that this designer has reached cult status. Perse himself has a passion for minimalist architecture that can be seen in the clean lines of his “T’s”.  Fitted or oversized, they are cut to perfection.  Comfort and style are the hallmark of these legendary “T’s”. The perfect fit is undoubtedly why these T-Shirts are often considered irresistible. Standard by James Perse is the line devoted strictly to basics—we urge you to give it a try.

Michael Stars

Started out of a devotion to create the perfect “T”, Michael Stars is truly a stand out among T-Shirt designers. They have perhaps one of the widest selections of basic T-Shirts of any designer today. The Michael Stars “T” has long been a staple on the shelves of high-end boutiques around the world. These T-Shirts represent effortless style in a broad range of cuts and designs, offering a simple chic look that make them a basic part of any wardrobe.


VelvetVelvet by Graham & Spencer may—possibly—be the least known of the three. Or perhaps we should say the one not instantly associated with the T-Shirt. Nonetheless, we argue that this line belongs at the top of the list.  Started in the late 70’s with the goal of creating fashion forward T-Shirts, they are unparalleled in representing laid-back California Style (which is where these T-Shirts are produced). They are infinitely comfortable and offer the widest range of flattering necklines that we have been able to find.

On a side note, they all wash beautifully and maintain their great look and shape after countless wears. Something that we think adds to their appeal!

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