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Many people argue that every closet needs a few very high-end, quality basics. I have to say that I, for one, agree. There is a difference in the cut and quality of higher-end designer basics. The feel and drape on the body is noticeably different—and if chosen carefully a good quality basic will transcend the ‘blink-of-an-eye’ change in fashion whims. I have chosen to highlight two basic design experts who, I believe, rise above the rest in their take on the basic “T”.

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Started by Mary-Kate Olsen and Ashley Olsen, The Row is a high-end fashion line dedicated to basics with refined tailoring and superb craftsmanship. The sisters’ commitment to quality design has earned them accolades from the fashion industry and garnered them a very dedicated customer following. Their “T’s” are indeed luxurious. Made from the highest quality fabrics, the perfect drape of these T-Shirts makes them a stand out among “T’s”. The simple, well-tailored lines ensure that these T-Shirts will stand the test of time, making them stylish across the seasons to come.

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Protagonist, designed by Kate Wendelborn, is a refined line of clean cut, simple clothing that fits easily into any style of wardrobe. While their “T” is not your classic version, it is none-the-less a winner. The T-Shirt above is made of white silk georgette and has an impeccably tailored cut and look. The detail to the seaming and construction offers a timeless simple chic. It definitely takes the “T” up a notch and can be worn for dress just as easily as it can be for casual wear. The quality is impeccable—a masterpiece of pared down luxury. It is—and I’m sure will continue to be—a staple in my personal wardrobe.

While these T-Shirts will cost you more, they are basics that are well worth the investment!

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